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Carpentry Work Services in Dubai

About Wood Carpentry Works

Tailored-Carpentry for Elegant Homes & Modern Offices


Reliable Technical Services is a Dubai carpenter company to offer bespoke services for residential and commercial territories. 

We have aligned a team of the best wood carpenters from Dubai capable of executing visually captive wood and stonework. We typically conduct carpentry work concerning wardrobes, decking, roofing, kitchens, skirting, shelves, and handcrafted doors among other latest wood carpentry work. 

Additionally, we take pride in our craftsmanship of the highest standard and reliability when it comes to executing your woodwork requests into full effect. 


Our WoodWork Specialties in UAE

Carpentry For Residential Projects

We provide full-service carpentry and timber-frame building for residential projects with exceptional project supervision. Our work of range in residential projects starts from lifting the residential property from the ground up for trussed, hand-cut roofing, and kitchen fitting to external cladding with primary and secondary fixes.

Carpentry For Commercial Projects

Our carpentry service for the commercial sector covers cut-and-pitch roofing, traditional and custom-designed door sets, trussed roofs, pre-hung door sets and frames, kitchen, and flooring, among other expertise. 

Custom Wood Carpentry Work

As a Dubai carpenter company, we understand the value of personal touch to your home and office. Our professional carpenters deliver bespoke carpentry that matches exactly your specifications.

High-End Wood Carpentry

Our company image is promoted with traits such as on-time service in a pocket-friendly manner with a proven track record of satisfied clients.


From bespoke woodwork and expert craftsmanship to doors and window fitting, our carpentry services in Dubai are the epitome of the highest quality service. We serve our residential and commercial sector clients to transform their homes and offices into modern, elegant interiors through professional wood crafting.


Looking For a Specific Wood Carpentry Service in UAE? Check Some Below!

Tailored Joinery Work

Our tailored joinery workers are the perfect choice for truly unique with great attention to detail wood assignments. Our woodworkers consider the smallest details and have what it takes to deliver outstanding quality and a perfect finish joinery craft. We use the highest-quality wood as a core element to support timber-based creations tailored as per your requirements. 

Kitchen Cabinets Themes

The kitchen being the heart of the home truly deserves to stand out. We offer many different kitchen themes, cabinetry, and expert woodworking that promises the design you’ve always wanted. From rustic and traditional to ultra-modern, our kitchen expertise definitely captures your home and your lifestyle for unforgettable moments. 

Stylish & Sturdy Staircase

Our wood-based home decor and stylish interior sense when applied on the staircase creates an impeccable piece of craft. We design wood-supported patterns that directly complement the beauty of your home. Along with style, durability is also our priority. Our top timeless durable picks include Oak, Walnut, Mahogany, and many other sturdier planks of wood.


Doors, Windows & Beyond

Our expert carpentry and woodworking services can enhance overall aesthetics with amazing wooden door designs hinting at a combination of modern and traditional themes.

Additionally, as a maintenance company in Dubai, we take care of doors and frames damaged in many different ways through our services of repair, maintenance, replacement, and new installation. Our carpentry services cover window frame repairs, installation, replacement, and maintenance for both the home and commercial sectors for long-term safety. 

Flooring and Wood Repairs

We are wood flooring specialists in Dubai to offer stain-sealant solutions designed to eliminate the need for consistent maintenance. Our accomplished wood carpenter in Dubai offers ever-green tailored styles and design patterns that complement your home or office interior.

We as a Maintenance company in Dubai provide services that the floor requires to stay durable and free of creak and wobbling. We also cover floor repair as part of our carpentry service. Wood and tile floor repairs are taken care of by highly skilled craftsmen to take on laborious jobs in a perfect and careful manner.

Extensions & Conversions

Home and office extensions are a perfect solution to the cost-effective transformation of your existing property into something grand and updated. Our carpentry Dubai services also cover property extensions and conversions with bespoke designs, wood items, and joinery that complements the existing interior in a perfect and organized manner.


We create the perfect example of fun and functionals astonishing outdoor spaces for homes and commercial properties. As decking experts in Dubai, we design a perfect recreational outdoor space at affordable prices where you can conveniently host a tea party or unwind with a book, family, and friends. 


We provide specialty carpentry services for building extensions, loft conversions, full-service property refurbishment, and much more.

Add-On Services

Our wood carpentry workshop in Dubai also covers:

  1. Custom design and build
  2. Damp proofing
  3. Partial to full refurbishment and plastering
  4. Basement conversions, painting, and decoration

Carpentry Services With No Hidden Charges 

  1. We offer full consultation and a survey of the area to fully understand your requirement before sharing the final quotation.
  2. Our service charges only include the cost of material and labor that are clearly stated in the agreement.
  3. We don’t charge any hidden costs.

Carpentry FAQs:

Do you use your own wood fitters?

Yes. Being a Dubai carpenter company, we prefer to have our own team for ensuring the transport, unpacking, and assembly of the furniture to the highest possible standards as they are sufficiently trained to sort out any problem that may arise on site.

Are there other materials you can work with besides wood?

It depends on individual project needs and suitability. Some wood carpenters can work with different types of carpentry such as metals, acrylic, mirrors, glass, and others as well.

At which part of the renovation stage will the carpenter’s installation take place?

Usually, carpentry work starts at the later stages of the renovation process when most of the renovation works are completed and before your painter comes in for the final touch-up (if any).

How much do you charge for your services?

Our service price varies according to the size of the job and your requirements. We do free-of-cost inspection and consultancy before taking on a project. You may give us a call, drop an email, or chat with our customer support representative.

Can the wood carpenter perform several jobs in a single visit?

Depending on the nature of the project, our carpenter can perform several tasks in a single go but only after careful analysis. We can assign different wood carpenters to get the job done faster.

Can I make changes to my order or cancel it?

For any changes or cancellations to the order, you will need to communicate with our team via call or email.

My carpentry budget is small. Can you help me?

We don’t charge anything extra. The final quotation on the project will be provided after we review the type of work you would require.

I have furniture ready & want only adjustments. Can you do this?

It depends on the quality of readymade furniture which can vary to a certain extent and might compromise safety. Call us to arrange a free inspection and we will provide you with a quote.

I am interested in your carpentry services in Dubai. Do you have a branch in my area?

We cover Al-Barsha and the rest of Dubai. For particular locations, check our coverage areas.

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