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Electrical Services in Dubai

About Electrical Services

#1 Electrical Service in Dubai

At RTS, we have a large team of licensed electricians to fully undertake all your electrical repairs, maintenance and replacement tasks. As an expert electrical maintenance company, we provide our services in Al-Barsha and the rest of Dubai.

No matter where you are or the nature of electrical issues, we can have it fixed in a faster, safer and inexpensive way. Our electrical services can be availed for both residential and commercial sectors to ensure maximum safety at all times. We also offer free inspection before offering our full service.

Our Electrical Services in Dubai

When electrical-based tasks and issues arise, things can easily go wrong and any unprofessional or mismanaging approach can be fatal. But not with RTS because our electricians are certified industry professionals having years of excellence in carrying out all-levels of electrical repairs and services from major to minor; anytime anywhere. As a leading electrical maintenance companies in Dubai, our specialty work include:

  1. Repair and replacement of blown fuses, contractors, switchgear and resistors
  2. Rewiring and cabling when necessary
  3. Repair and replacement of light switches, socket outlets, fuse spurs
  4. Primary & small power distribution unit inspection, repairs and installation
  5. Electrical system repairs and circuit replacement
  6. Repairing faulty light fittings
  7. Replacing transformers
  8. Emergency lighting tests & repairs
  9. Checking door entry systems
  10. AV installation repairs

Here’s A Breakdown of Our Expert Electrical Contractor Services:

  1. Hardwiring of electrical appliances commonly used at home and in offices
  2. Installation and replacement of light fixtures, switches, dimmers, towel rails for bathrooms, sockets and circuitry
  3. Installation, fixture and replacement of hoods, extractor and bathroom fans
  4. Our professional electricians cover more such as:
  5. Home Automation
  6. Emergency & Standby Power/Generator Sales
  7. Surge Protection
  8. UPS Systems
  9. Complete Rewiring
  10. Electrical Inspections
  11. Commercial Maintenance
  12. Trade Show and Events
  13. Fire Alarm
  14. Security Systems/Cameras
  15. Testing
  16. Emergency Services
  17. Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Repairs
  18. Switches and Outlets
  19. Breakers and Panels
  20. Electrical Repair Service
  21. Interior and Exterior Wiring
  22. Emergency & Fire Alarm Testing & Repairs

All emergency and fire alarms should be fully functional at all times. Our expert electrician can easily install and test the alarms for you. Any possible repair and replacement will be done immediately. Our specialty with types of alarms is:

  1. Smoke alarm system
  2. Heat alarm
  3. Carbon Monoxide Alarm
  4. Emergency/Floor Lights

Easy to Book Electrical Maintenance and Repair Service

At Reliable Technical electrical contractor in Dubai, we simplify the electrician booking process to only a few minutes.

Our online chat option is available 24/7, give us a call on our number or simply fill out the online form and we’ll dispatch a team at the time of your preference.

Book Your Preference

Our electrical repairs, installation and maintenance services are of high standard to offer quality workmanship without delay.

You need not to stay home and wait for our technician to arrive, simply schedule as per your convenient and we’ll get to your place in no time.

Our Electrical Repair and Maintenance Service Benefits

Other bonus features you can avail with our service includes:

24/7 customer care for all your electrical or electrician related queries

Weekend and emergency bookings can be made by calling us on our number. We also offer free inspection for residential and commercial electrical repairs, installation and fixes

Our odd job service covers full refurbishment of the property, delivered with a can-do attitude and supervised by expert team


Do you carry out electrical repairs, maintenance and small works?

Yes, our electrical services also cater to smaller and day-to-day repairs and maintenance in a quick and efficient manner.

How frequently should I call for electrical inspection, repairs and maintenance?

Other than unexpected and untimely flaws in any of the electric work, you should always contract out with expert electricians when moving to a new place especially if the home or office is old that may need to be rewired from scratch. Regular maintenance after every few months, once or twice a year perhaps can save you more money in the long run while offering complete safety.

Does my electrical Installation require testing?

To prevent existing wiring and electrical system from possible damage or unexpected breakdown, we strongly recommend having the electrical installation to be inspected at-least once or twice a year, or as per requirement.

Benefits of hiring licensed electricians

Licensed electricians are mostly associated with government-certified companies just like RTS. We have electricians to serve residential, commercial and industrial setting to fix all major to minor electrical issues in your area. You can call us for free inspection of the site before signing a full contract.

What are the qualities of a licensed, professional electrician?

For all electrical problems; whether big or small; a professional electrician is highly preferred to ensure safe and reliable electrical contractor service. Besides, these are trained handyman to do the job while complying with the latest safety standards and best industry practices. Also, professional service means you’ll also get a certain warranty.

How to Identify if there’s an electrical problem?

Any unusual performance of any electrical appliance, power outlet or simply anything out of the ordinary, call expert electricians in Dubai from RTS. Dim or frequent fluctuation of light can be a small issue as simple as burning out of the light’s filament or something bigger such as circuit fault. Only a professional can identify the root cause and have it fixed properly.

Do you give free inspection?

Yes, we offer free inspection by giving us a call on our number or filling our online form

Do you carry out larger electrical contracts?

We serve large projects for both residential and commercial sector after taking the initial brief and overall services to be provided.

Do you offer an emergency call-out service?

Emergency services, especially for critical electrical repairs, maintenance and likewise are necessary to prevent further damage. Our emergency services are carried out by expert electricians in Dubai. For emergency electrical handyman services, give us a call for prompt response.

Is your existing wiring up-to-date?

To check if your existing wiring and electrical installation is up-to-date, our electricians will come by to inspect and give you expert advice.

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