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The Reliable Technical Services in Dubai offers prime and professional painting services in Dubai. Whether it’s freshening up job or DIY gone wrong, our paint masters manage your project in a quick, convenient, and easy way. With us, we make painting chores painless while managing all logistics of the project to ensure a job well done.

For truly inspiring, creative, and eco-friendly walls, we provide anti-microbial coats to keep up with hygiene standards without compromising on the quality finish and stunning shine.

Our skillful painters in Dubai are available for both residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties to boost up the aesthetic appeal and impressive interiors. On request, we also execute designed wall paintings such as geometric patterns and much more. 


Process of House Painting in Dubai

Whether your project needs to be painted from scratch or a single coat to hide a wear-and-tear, we can dramatically improve your walls with trendy designs & high-quality paint.

We keep everything simple and hassle-free for you by following a particular process and strategic approach to each painting project accordingly. Our strategic approach has the following phases. 



  1. Color Selection: With endless options and different shades of a single color, selecting the right paint for your home can be most excruciating. Our professional home painters help you in choosing the paint color through sampling.
  2. Area Coverage: All our paintwork is done in an organized way to ensure dust, scratched paint and blotches don’t get where they aren’t supposed to be. We layer floors, furniture, and other valuables in your home with plastic and clothing before execution.
  3. Wall Prep: A smooth wall surface is supported by the right wall preparation to go hand in hand with the quality paint. Our home painters first scrap the existing paint, make the surface smooth before adding a fresh coat. The process leaves your walls totally even, shiny, and good as new.
  4. Paint Application: The next step is the application of the paint. Our bravura painters will carefully and evenly stroke your wall with quality paint from the first application to the last quote. We make sure that the surface is free from any patches. 
  5. Post-Painting Clean-Up: Before finishing off, our workmen make sure your home is spotless and looks brand new. Post-paint cleaning is a part of our painting service so you don’t need to worry or pay anything extra.


Paint Surfaces We Cover


Our house painting services are extended to villas, apartments, townhouses, and duplexes among other types of residential communities in Dubai.

Being the best provider of house painting in Dubai we cover more than just walls. We also provide assistance where a fresh coat of paint is required for doors, cabinets, particular furniture, wainscoting, trim-and-crown molding, to name a few.

We cover each room and each surface with a custom finish requirement so we have just the expertise and the right type of paint for every project. Specific areas of a home we cover are:

  1. Bed & Bathroom: Our custom bed bedroom painting can leave you stunned and excited. We spend one-third of our entire life in our bedrooms which should reflect everything from our lifestyle. Bathroom paint is often damaged with consistent humidity and heat for which we particularly recommended waterproof paint for lasting results.
  2. Kitchen & Living Room: The kitchen is the heart of a home to be managed with care. We don’t just paint kitchen walls but also cover cabinets and polish other surfaces to ensure a kitchen you’ll love to work in. 
  3. Hall & Entryway: Hallway is one of the most used spaces in a home and upgrading it with durable paint is all you need to feel a sense of belonging. Create the first right impression, with a bright, warm, and welcoming shade chosen with the consultation of acquired interior decorators in Dubai


Professional Exterior Home Painting in Dubai

Our motto is Get it Done Once But Get the Best!  To completely breathe new life into your home exterior requires the eye of the best painting company in Dubai with a ravishing sense of appeal and aesthetics. 

Whether you wish to make your home stand out in the neighborhood or simply want to boost its sell price, our exterior home painting services in Dubai are all you need. We also have ongoing support and maintenance through our annual contract which keeps you safe from weather and other external issues.

Exterior Paint Considerations

Like every other home maintenance task, we follow a certain protocol to ensure the best home exterior paint results. As professionals work with the following considerations. 

  1. Landscape: Climate and environment definitely influence the coating and durability. If yours is a unit in a shady area, consider lighter shade. Likewise, to blend in nature, opt for a darker more natural tone whereas we are open to custom painting ideas too.
  2. Architecture: Every residential and commercial project’s exterior is unique in its own way. We take architectural style as an important consideration to undertake all painting projects. For each design and architectural build, we execute our exterior painting job accordingly.
  3. Existing Colors: Our paint experts will decide on the final color you want for your roof, driveway, garden, gravel, yard, mulch, and much more. Once painted, none of it will change its colors so we need to carefully select our accent for each feature of the home.


Our Happy Clients Have This to Say

  1. “We hired RTS as an apartment painting company in Dubai for the interior and exterior of our apartment. Every aspect of their work, from assisting us with color options and shades to the incredible attention to detail in the preparation work was excellent. Very professional.”
  2. “Painters were very neat and did a great job! They had very little to touch up at the end of the job. They swept and cleaned up after each day and were very helpful in moving some furniture back in place. Everyone is very friendly and has great customer service!”
  3. “Your wonderful team did a beautiful job with the caulking and the paint, and just in time to beat the rain. You went the extra mile and I am loyal to you forever.”



How many coats of paint are included in the quote?

We provide an estimate on paint, the total number of coats, and for painting services after carefully determining the nature of the project. You can book a free inspection with us via call or brief us online by filling out our form.

What are the different kinds of paint finishes, and how do I select them for each room?

Paint finish comes in three general categories:

Flat Finish: Commonly known as the matte finish
Satin Finish: Also known as the eggshell finish, or low-luster finish
Gloss Finish: Also known as semi-gloss finish

What if I don’t like the selected color? Can I change it?

Yes. The final color is decided by you will need to communicate this with the team for possible adjustment in the cost of services and color change.

Can you fix water damage and holes in the walls before painting?

We will fill old holes, fix water damage and make any other repairs as needed, as part of our preparation under our handyman services in Dubai. The time it takes to repair is in proportion to the amount of damage.

Can you apply water-based paint over oil-based paint?

Toning of the surface is important to prepare it for a coat of water-based paint over oil-based. To do so, the surface is first sanded and made dust-free before applying water-based paint. Always leave such tasks to the professional painters.

Are you able to work on weekends?

Our services and timings are flexible. We will work with you to accommodate as per your shared schedule including weekends in case you’re on a tight timeline or perhaps if it’s a complex project.

Is interior and exterior paint the same?

Different paints come with different properties, as they are manufactured for different purposes. Exterior paint is formulated to handle mildew and fading. Interior paint, on the other hand, is made to allow cleaning and resist staining.

I’m not sure which color to choose, can you help?

Certainly. We can help you make design choices and give you advice on color selection. Our house painting company in Dubai has painted homes for thousands of different clients with unique tastes. Whether you’ve already got everything planned out from start to finish or want input from a professional, we can help. After all, we also want to make sure that your home looks great.

If I have my own paint already, can you use it?

Many of our customers have a preference for a particular type or brand of paint, especially if they have extensive experience with home renovation themselves. We will happily use your own paints if you prefer.

Are you able to handle calcimine-painted surfaces, such as ceilings?

We understand that surfaces painted with calcimine paints can be chalky. We deal with this issue by using a household cleaner to remove as much chalk as we can, followed by rinsing. Our painting professionals then apply a primer specially formulated for chalky surfaces. Two coats of paint then complete the job.

Can your team paint new stucco surfaces?

We understand that new stucco surfaces require skill and the right products to get the best results. For this reason, our experienced painters will first use a primer designed to handle a high pH, then apply one of the best quality paints designed for exterior use.

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