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Plumbing & Cleaning Services in Dubai

Plumbing & Cleaning Services in Dubai

Plumbing Services in Dubai

A simple plumbing leak can be damaging to a home and costly to repair. We are plumbing experts in Dubai to provide you professional services that are hassle-free and less-expensive with full peace-of-mind. We do more than just pipe repairs and fixing by providing invasive repairs to walls and floors post-plumbing, fixing and installation.

Our best plumbers provide complete plumbing repairs and maintenance services at a reasonable price.

We come prepared with the right tools for prompt and efficient services every time.

Best Plumbing Service in Dubai That You Can Rely on

Our expert handyman services specialise in plumbing repairs, cleaning and installation of waterworks and drainage system for residential and commercial buildings.

As a plumbing company in Dubai, we also integrate with commercial and home refurbishment projects like bathroom renovation, shower unit installation, and others.

Our Plumbing/Plumber Services

As a plumbing company, our plumbing repairs services for residents and commercial projects cover:

  1. Plumbing Installation Services
  2. Plumbing Pipe Upgrades
  3. Drain and Sewer Line Services
  4. Commercial Water Heater Services
  5. Toilet or bathroom plumbing
  6. Burst or frozen pipes
  7. Septic tanks and exterior plumbing

During free inspection, our plumber will examine:

  1. Ceilings beneath the appliances
  2. Drain pipes and joints
  3. Flooring around kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room
  4. Exterior hose bibs
  5. Supply line fittings, valves to kitchen/bathroom fixtures
  6. Water bills against water usage
  7. Water colouring for possible signs of rust

Fully-Equipped Professionals, Trusted Services

  1. All of our plumbing services are performed by qualified, licensed and industry veterans.
  2. We provide 24-hour plumbing services in Dubai. For free inspection, give us a call or fill out our online form.

Line & Plumbing System Inspection

Our plumbing services in Dubai start with one of the most critical factors in any property; that is complete inspection of the plumbing system. We integrate high-tech fibre optic cameras within the underground pipes and sewerage lines to locate blockage points, perform damage analysis and also determine the cause of plumbing problems. We then communicate all the essential details with the client before executing the solution.

Essential Appliance Installation

Plumbing and drainage system also require essential appliances and electrical machinery for everything to run in a seamless and flawless manner. At Reliable Technical Services, we are licensed experts to install essential appliances in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification, extreme precision and skills.

Plumbing Repairs & Fixing

We don’t limit our plumbing services only to pipes and drains but also cover necessary bathroom fixture repairs, replacement and installation. We have skilled handyman to service your shower, sink, bathtub, faucets and other plumbing fixtures for a fully satisfied service.

Toilet Management

It’s obvious that toilet is one of the most important plumbing fixtures. A clogged, runny, improper and rundown toilet can disrupt everything and also damage essential plumbing. We are also experts in fixing and repairing toilet fixtures and essentials.

Water Pressure Regulator

The right water pressure ensures all your pipes and necessary plumbing fixtures are safe and working at their optimum. As expert plumbers in Dubai, our service also covers water pressure regulators to make sure your home or commercial unit receives the ideal pressure for a safer plumbing system. We also repair, replace and install pressure regulators to your property.

High Pressure Drain Cleaning

We also offer high-pressure drain cleaning service to deep clean domestic pipes and drains to manholes. Our drain cleaning and management service in Dubai involves complete analysis through CCTV digital camera which is inserted in the drain to pinpoint root intrusion, open/displaced joinery, cracked and immersed pipes, collapsed and debris-clogged drains.

On identification, we fix, repair, replace and install drain essentials to prevent the problem from resurfacing. Our plumbing experts come equipped with all the necessary equipment and machinery to clean a variety of hard surfaces that includes driveways, stairs, patios, walls and concealed drains.

Plumbing/Plumber Services FAQs

What plumbing work do you carry out?

We are qualified to carry out all types of plumbing work from a simple dripping tap, to shower and radiator installations.

What to do in-case of a pipe burst?

a) Turn off the water at the main faucet.
b) Turn on all of your cold taps to drain the system.
c) Turn off your central heating, immersion heaters and any other water heating System you may have. Once done, turn on the hot taps to drain the hot water in your system
d) Turn off all connected appliances and electrical devices like pressure regulator, water tank machine and so on.

Do you offer bathroom repairs and installation?

Yes. We quote the design, supply and installation of your bathroom, or just even sanitary ware. We can also do any electrical work, plastering and tiling in the bathroom.

Do you offer emergency plumbing services after hours?

Yes, we are set up for emergency plumbing in Al Barsha and rest of Dubai.

Do you cater to small jobs like leaking taps and fixes?

Whether large or small, our plumbers can surely do the job. From leaky taps and bathroom refits to installation of boiler units and central heating system, we do it all.

Can you quote service charges before starting the work?

Yes. You can book our free inspection or simply share your requirements with us for estimation on the services.

Why shower drains clog?

When dirt and debris is collected in the drain grate that also include hairs, shower drains are clogged.

Why toilet keep running?

When the tank flap at the bottom is loose or perhaps experiences a broken seal, toilet usually keeps running. There can be other reasons but you will need a professional plumber to examine closely.

How to prepare for plumbing task?

There isn’t any special preparation. All you need to do is move valuable items away from the area of plumbing to prevent damage.

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