8 questions to ask before you hire a handyman


Whether you need technical services and electrical services for your house, office or shop, hiring a professional handyman is crucial.


There might be many handymen in your locality but not all of them can handle the kind of work you have. So, here is a list of questions you should ask your handyman to ensure that they have the necessary expertise.

1- Do You Have the Necessary Licenses?

Ask your handyman services Dubai if they have licenses as per Dubai’s law. You should ask this question in the very beginning. And if the answer is negative, stop the interview. You should move to the next candidate.

Checking the license is essential because it shows whether the candidate has the qualification to do their job properly as per local law.

2- Can You Handle the Work I Need You to Do?

Ensure that your handyman services can handle the list of repairs you have. If your project needs specialized labor, you must ensure the handyman is a tradesperson.

It’s fine to hand over minor plumbing or electrical work to any handyman, but, find a specialist for a project specific to trade.  

3- Can You Provide the Client’s Referrals?

By talking to a past client, you can better judge a handyman. Instead of relying on technical service and interior design in Dubai companies babble about their expertise, you should hear or read their customers’ feedback.

If they have testimonials on their website, that’s great for you to assess whether you should take their services or not. Any maintenance expert confident in their services should not hesitate to provide you with local references.

4- Do You Charge by the Project or the Hour?

This question will help you check if they are charging a fair amount. If they provide you with a price quote with this information, you will be able to compare quotes from several contractors.

5- Do You Hire Sub-contractors for your Work?

It’s necessary to as this question ahead of time. Some technical service companies give contracts to complete various parts of a project.

You might be fine with that, but ensure you know who will work in your home/office. Also, ask your main contractor if they will be present to oversee when subcontractors are working.

Also, if they hire subcontractors, ask for their names and contact numbers in case you need them.

6- Do You Have Images of your Previous Projects?

Authentic photos can help you see how dedicated and hardworking your contractor is in doing their work. Ask your handyman services in Dubai about more challenging projects and how they tackle them. You can ask what problems they face and how they solve them.

7- Do You Have Reliable Transportation?

Some handymen will agree to your project just to earn money even if they don’t have a means of transportation to reach your place easily.

This will result in them arriving late every other day and making excuse after excuse. You don’t want to deal with such a headache. So, make sure they live near your place or can commute to the project’s site on time daily.

8- Are They Insured and Bonded? 

Ensure your handyman service is insured for liability and worker’s compensation. Otherwise, you might lose a lot of money by only hiring them for your work.

Accidents can happen where the handymen are working. And an uninsured maintenance worker can create serious trouble for you.  

Bottom Line

Taking the interviews of multiple handymen and doing the research is time-consuming and mundane. The easy way is to take the services of a trusted agency like reliable technical services whose handymen have all the qualities mentioned above. Call now to hire us!