What Type Of Paint Is Best For House Exteriors

What Type Of Paint Is Best For House Exteriors

Is your house currently looking like the resident of grim reaper? That’s alright! Constant exposure to the environment creates a dim and dull shadow on the exterior of the house. 

The sad-looking face of your house can be easily fixed with a repaint job. 

Your exterior walls have to withstand freezing winters, soaking reigns, blistering summers, and consistent bombardment of intense UV radiation. Regardless of the global warming influence, we expect our exterior wall paints to remain durable without cracking, fading, or peeling. 

So, what kind of exterior paint will remain shinier than the others?

Well, there are a few factors that influence the durability of the house exterior paint. These factors are as follows:

  • Wall prep before paint application 
  • Paint compatibility with the  weather
  • Application of the painter 
  • Overall paint quality 

Durable paints are formulated with high-quality resigns, pigments and additives. In recent times, 100% acrylic latex paint has gained popularity. The new paint technology helps the paint coating remain flexible, breathable, and colorfast for longer periods as compared to other paint formulas.  For a good paint job, you also require a clean, and smooth surface for the new coating to stick. 

Painting the house exterior requires patience, prep, and leg day to climb the ladders. It requires a lot of potential so we suggest hiring out a painting company in Dubai. Professional paint jobs make it easier to maintain the exterior of the wall. As the siding and the trim start to look dingy you can refresh it with a wash using detergent, scrub brush, and garden hose. 

Before choosing the paint for the exterior, the best time for a paint job is when the temperature is 50 and 90 degrees and the humidity is low. Your expectation with the paint should be based on both the ingredients and the finish type. The exterior paint is usually concerned with areas of stucco surface, brick, wood, siding, vinyl, cedar shingles, and wood bricks. 

The Three Main Formulas Of Exterior Paint:

Formulas are often chosen based on the local climate and aesthetic preferences. You have three reputable choices for exterior paint including acrylic, latex, and oil-based paint. 

Professional painting services in Dubai can give you a better view as well as per the existing condition of your house. 


Chemical-based acrylic paints are known for their elasticity, which means they can expand and contract according to temperature fluctuation, making it one of the best choices for exterior painting jobs. Additionally, acrylic paints are always associated with high-quality ingredients that create a thick and viscous texture. 

Acrylic latex paints also adhere to most surfaces just fine which means you can coat them over wood, vinyl, metal, and masonry. 

Acrylic paints are also quicker to dry and stay anew depending on the wall prep job by the professionals or by you. Acrylic paint is commonly used to cover 

  • Wood Sidings
  • Aluminum/ fiber cement 
  • Stucco surface 
  • Plaster and drywall

Oil-Based Paints: 

Oil-based paint results in exceptional aesthetics to the surface. However, the demand has quite died down due to the health hazards. Oil-based is not recommended to use as a DIY project as they emit hazardous fumes often resulting in overwhelming nausea to the individuals not used to it. 

Oil-based paints are the ideal choice for the exterior for which it is recommended to hire a professional. As compared to latex and acrylic paints, oil-based paints shrink less and hold readily in the high traffic areas while gliding on smoothly. oil-based paint dries to a smooth hard surface with a polished look.  Oil-based paints also have water-resistant qualities. Oil-based paints paint are commonly used to cover 

  • Porch floors
  • Doors 
  • Trim and other small areas 

One of the downsides of oil paints is that they are likely to fade and crack more under circumstances and become harder to clean as they are oil-based and not water. 


Latex is the cheapest option to cover up the exterior of your house. Latex is a water-based paint that is easier to apply and clean up with the ability to dry quickly. Similar to the acrylic paint properties, latex also expands under heat and contracts under cooler temperatures. 

Latex paints come separately for interior paint projects and exterior paint projects so you should specifically ask for the outdoor suitable latex paint. Latex paint can be used to cover the whole house exterior. 

 Paint Finishes For Final Texture

Paint finishes determine the structure and look of the house exterior once it’s dry. The paint finish is achieved by applying an upper layer coat of solutions for the desired results. The paint finish is a part of the painting services in Dubai and is of high quality as well. Some of the exterior finishes include: 

Flat/ Matte Finish: 

A flat finish refers to a solid non-reflective finish. The matte finish hides the imperfect texture of the house and hence is an ideal choice for the older houses for a cleaner look. 

Semi-Gloss Finish: 

Semi-gloss commonly known as the glossy finish is an ideal choice for durability and is easy to clean with water-resistant qualities. Professionally, semi-gloss and glossy finish offer slightly different results.

The glossy and semi-glossy finish is a top choice for the trims including window sills and garage doors preventing the stains as well. Other than being all fancy, a glossy finish shouldn’t be applied to the damaged or imperfect areas as it captures the eye by enhancing the texture. 

Satin Finish: 

A satin finish is commonly known as eggshell or low luster paint and is one of the most opted options because of the results. The satin finish gives a mild look combined avoiding too much dullness or shiness. Satin works specifically better on good condition wood or cement siding.