Conditioning The Air-Conditioner

Conditioning The Air Conditioner

This one should top your home maintenance checklist for summer! The last thing you need is to bake like bread!

Make sure you turn on the Air Conditioning before summer begins in all its glory, to see if it’s working properly, and to prevent that first blast of warm and dusty air.

Have an AC tune up done in advance. This helps ensure the refrigerant levels are normal, and your AC is running smoothly, which in turn prevents any hike in your electricity bills.

Be Patient! Keep the temperature of your AC unit at 24 degrees and allow a little bit of time for it to cool the room.
To keep your utility bill stable have your AC filters cleaned three times per year.

High heat, low bills

This may be the most basic tip, but it’ll be sure to save you a good amount of money! The heat can be quite a blessing if you use it to your advantage. Take the time to install a clothing line to dry your clothes outside the house instead of using a dryer, and save on all that energy and money! This is feasible for those living in villas as well as apartments. What’s better; let the energy efficient method earn you brownie points for being environmentally conscious!

Dirt no more!

For those living in villas, a rather frequent problem tends to be the dust and dirt that enters your home along with your guests. An effective tip to prevent that is to keep two doormats outside the entrance instead of one. Make sure to have one course mat on the outside and one soft mat on the inside to form a formidable twosome to keep the dust and dirt at bay.

Cool tip!

Reduce energy within the home by replacing standard light bulbs with energy saving light bulbs which will not only reduce energy and cost but it will reduce the heat radiated from the light bulbs in your home.