Five Biggest Maintenance Issues In Dubai Households

Five Biggest Maintenance Issues In Dubai Households

Nearly half of Dubai households are facing issues with their air conditioning (AC), making it the most common maintenance issue in the emirate, says a new survey. “Around 50 per cent of Dubai households — 40 per cent of apartment building tenants and 70 per cent of villa residents — experienced problems with their air conditioning units, which makes it the biggest maintenance issue in the emirate,”says a joint survey by and Imdaad, an integrated facilities and waste management provider.

The survey, conducted with 150 Dubai residents, found that 83 per cent of the respondents faced at least one
maintenance issue in their home in the first half of 2015. Other maintenance issues were related to sewage, electrical problems, thin walls and defective water heaters, with 20 per cent of the survey respondents claiming to have faced at least one these issues in the last six months.

“Bursting water pipes appear to be a grave complication, especially in villas, with 24 per cent of villa residents
claiming to have faced this issue,” the survey found. On an average, each Dubai resident faced two maintenance problems during the past six months with less than 60 percent seeking professional maintenance companies for help and remaining 40 per cent fixing the problem themselves or just did not fix it.

The survey also found 40 per cent of Dubai tenants have to fully cover any expenses for maintenance services in
their homes, whereas almost 50 per cent said their landlords fully covered the costs. Ten per cent say they share the costs equally with their landlords.

In a press statement, Jamal Lootah, CEO, Imdaad, said: “The results of this survey gives us a better understanding of the maintenance requirements of homeowners in the UAE, which range from basic AC issues to plumbing needs.”Anand Kumar, a resident of a tower in Dubai Sports City, admitted he mostly faces problem with his A/C unit followed by sewerage issues. “There was a leakage and water was dripping from the chiller unit. We got it repaired from a maintenance company and had to pay Dh200 for it, which my landlord is unlikely to reimburse. ”Mariam S, an owner of a unit in Discovery Gardens, states that she also has a major problem with her apartment’s chiller unit.

“We have to get our chiller unit repaired at least twice a year. As there are no maintenance services provided
by the owners’ association, we have to get it done through private companies,” she disclosed.

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