Best Useful Apps to Design your Interior

Useful Apps To Decorate Your Interior Design

As technology advances, Dubai’s interior design is transforming with new inventions. We now get everything online, from attire to footwear and fresh meat to vegetables.

Heavy houses, lawn wares, and furniture are the last stockade of physical buying. We still have to visit in person to check the durability and dimensions of our favorite dining table to ensure it is a perfect fit for our dining room.  

Useful Apps To Design Your Interior

The good news is technology is also entering this realm. Many awesome room designing apps are available on the Play Store. You can use them via your smart devices or laptop,

You can use them via your smart devices or laptop, or technical service company can also help you in that case without any consultation fee

Without wasting any time, let’s check out together some of those increasingly popular applications.

1- RoomScan Pro

Room scanner pro

This intuitive app scans rooms to give you the measurements and a 3D version to facilitate easy planning and sourcing the latest furniture to your desires. 

Furthermore, it scans using augmented reality or enables you to measure the walls by tapping your smartphone against them. The app isn’t just useful for room planning but also for gardens and backyards.

2- Modsy


Modsy is an app by a home design venture that acts as your furniture buyer and digital interior designer in Dubai. It will ask you quick questions to create your style and share a few photographs of rooms you wish to renovate.

Drawing on its online collection of more than a hundred retailers, it will recommend furniture and home decor items based on your personal preferences. 

Plus, it offers lifelike exhibitions of your spaces with better layouts. Finally, the app charges a minimum of 99 dollars for one room.

3- Foyr Neo



Do you want an easy-to-use cloud-based home decoration app that runs on Android and iOS? Foyr Neo is your answer. You can choose your preferred color schemes, layouts, and floor plans and get premium displays of your designs in both 2D and 3D versions.

Moreover, you can email or send a link in a message of your home renovation ideas refined with furniture, decor items, hues, and fixtures to anyone at any time.

This app beats other applications with its capability to develop kitchen and living room styles with open floor plans while keeping the integrity intact. And have we mentioned its broad range of cute designs?

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Last but not the least, its subscription plans are reasonable compared to other online interior design apps.

4- Houzz


Houzz is a popular interior design website that also has a user-friendly application. From home style ideas to design hacks, a catalog of interior designers to an online decor store, this app is your friend in making your home look its absolute best.

Its professionals help people in the home decoration process, and its store delivers every kind of interior design product on the planet.

5- Havenly


Are you skeptical of getting online help in Dubai interior design because your communication language is face-to-face chat? If Yes, Havenly is for you.

This design application declares itself as an app for real people for it lets you have live chats with expert interior designers in Dubai. Yes, it also has a curated catalog of products created by humans as well as photo technology.

6- Photo Measures


Many homeowners believe they should spend a fortune to get a beautifully designed home. They splurge a lot of money on decor items and other design elements only to find they look unfit in their rooms.

If this sounds familiar, you need a partner interior design app like Photo Measures. With this app, you can collate and keep a range of room dimensions on your smartphone.

Save the measurements for wall size, shelves, floor plan, etc. It comes in handy when you want to buy a statement decor item or don’t know whether a particular piece of furniture will suit your room.

7- Planner 5D

planner 5D

As the name implies, this incredible app lets you produce explicit house plans and home designs like a professional without any skills. This user-friendly tool helps you visualize your desired room design.

On top of that, its epic interior design collection facilitates you to design a home as your heart wishes. It also offers an array of difficulty levels.

Plus, it lets you post your created home style on social media websites so your friends can have fun with you.

8- Vogue Living Vouge

We all adore the pictures of those elegantly designed homes published in fashion magazines. Vogue Living offers all those interior design inspirations in one place. 

You can check out the latest style trends, unlimited influences to cheer up, and traditional interior designs on the go and replicate the Instagram-worthy appearances in your place. An added bonus is one month’s free trial, so you can experience it if you are still not convinced to pay for this app.

Bottom Line

Redesigning, revamping, and buying interior design items is a breeze of the air nowadays. Pick one of the home-style apps from our list and start designing an awe-inspiring home.