Home Renovation The Ultimate Checklist


Home Renovation The Ultimate Checklist

A home is a place we all come to rest after a long tiring day of work. Therefore it should look like a paradise. And even if it does, we need to renovate it every now and then as you can become used to even paradise.

This is a challenging task but remember, it only comes once in a while. So make sure to do it properly. You might be both excited and anxious. You want to renovate your house because it hasn’t been renovated for a long time.


Homes need regular renovation so that they keep up with the new trends in interior design. A beautifully renovated home also makes its residents feel more relaxed and happy.


You want to renovate your home but are worried about the costs of home maintenance services and other related things. This article will tell you what are the things that are fundamental for a home remodeling.


Spend Some Time in the Spaces to be Renovated

First of all, familiarize yourself with all the rooms of your home that would be renovated. For example, think about the color schemes, light fixtures, or the kind of flooring. Spend some time in a space and then decide on the important aspects of that place’s renovation.


Important things like the flooring or the color of walls often depend on certain other aspects. It means you need to consider how all the aspects of your renovation will complement or not complement each other. For instance, whether a color scheme will look good or not may depend on the type of lighting used.


Make your Budget



Many people start home remodeling without estimating the costs. It could create a mess. So make sure you know your budget before start pouring money to create your dream home.

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You need to know the costs of home renovation in your area as well as how much a good interior designer in Dubai charges. When you are determining your budget, try to keep it practical.

These costs that you calculate will give you an idea of how much money you might need to spend. If the average cost of what you are planning to do is cheaper than your budget then you have spare cash for some extra things.


But if your estimated cost exceeds your budget, then see what are the elements that you can skip. Even if something is really important to you, you can postpone it for some time in the future. We recommend that you allocate more money to the renovation than your calculated costs. This money can be used during the renovation process.


Find Suitable Contractor

Your home renovation should be completed on time as per your desire. To ensure this, you have to find the right contractor. Use the internet to go through reviews of the work of different home maintenance service providers. 

There, you will find honest comments on the experience and expertise of various contractors in your area. Ask your workmates, relatives, and friends who have worked with a specific service provider. It will make it easy for you to make a final decision.


You will be fine taking the services of any ordinary company for small-scale renovations. But for mega projects, you need to find industry experts in home renovation. They will save your time and money from wasting.


Make a Wishlist

After making your budget the next important step is making a wishlist. This list will entail what aspects are the most and least important to you in your home remodeling.


You should categorize the necessary things and most desirable things separately. The priority category will have all aspects that you can’t compromise on. The aspects that you definitely want to take care of in this renovation phase.


Remember there is a difference between necessity and desire. You need to be clear on what your home requires. These are things you can’t compromise on. 


Then comes your desires. These are elements that you want to throw in to make your house look one of its kind. But those desirable items aren’t necessities.

Why are we asking you to categorize on this basis? Because that will help you when you face tough choices.


The wishlist can have kitchen renovation ideas that you want to adopt or bedroom design ideas that you like. Just remember one thing; ask your handymen service provider to remodel each room or space depending on its purpose. Don’t give importance to design at the expense of functionality.


Like many people, your list of high-priority items may be long and you can’t afford to consider all of them. Then enumerate them according to priority. 


Home remodeling doesn’t happen every day so make sure you are doing this renovation for like 5 to 10 years. Think about what could be the requirements for at least five years. And try to fulfill them.


Writing and Understanding the Contract


Do you think that the home remodeling contract represents just a formality? It can be if everything goes smoothly which is less likely to happen. Contractors sometimes try to dodge homeowners by not completing the project as decided.


If this happens to you, your only help will be that piece of paper called the renovation contract. So, read and understand it carefully. And insist on adding necessary clauses that can provide you legal safety if things go wrong.


Moreover, the contract must include a reasonable penalty for the contractor if they violate the contract and don’t complete the project in the pre-decided time.


Take a written contract or draft and add important aspects to it like the timeline for the completion of the renovation, your budget, and other details.


Building a contract is an important aspect of this process. You and your handymen services provider should review the whole contract with each other. Make sure that you have your personal copy of this contract.


Little Details are Important

Detail plan of interior


Often the contractor and their team are honest and they try their best to meet all your requirements but still the end result isn’t as you expected. It happens because of miscommunication or lack of communication.


It’s important to discuss your expectations with their workforce. Your interior designer in Dubai will make blueprints of designs after having a primary session with you. And then they will show those rough sketches to you for finalization.


You may have many sessions with the designer in which you might ask them to refine the design even more. Or they might discuss with you their views on the project. 


Eventually, you will have the final illustration complete with measurements, finishes, materials, and more. This practice will guarantee that your designer understands exactly what you wanted to communicate.


Keep Your Valuables Safe

When renovation starts, the whole house is disrupted. You would move from room to room. In this frustration and the monitoring of the construction work, you might not be able to safeguard your precious things.


Here is the advice — take all the valuables and store them in a place that is least likely to get disrupted. This room should ideally be far from all the dust, traffic, construction tools, and more. 


Also, accidents could happen at the site. Therefore, remove all your household goods from the rooms to be renovated. Keep them in a storage cube or at a family member’s home till your residence’s make-over is completed.


Drying and a Final Review of the Renovation

Don’t say goodbye to your contractor as soon as the renovation is completed. First, walk through your house and see if everything is as per your wishes. If you find a discrepancy, talk to your contractor and other related people.



Don’t forget to allow all things to dry out completely. If your home or a room has just been painted or re-stained, don’t just walk inside as soon as the laborers complete their work. You can open doors and windows so that everything dries out quicker.


Bottom Line

Home remodeling isn’t a short or easy process. No matter how much you try but it will throw a new hurdle on every step. Perhaps the reason behind it is that we don’t get a vacant home to renovate. Rather, we have to work up from and shape up an already designed home.


Secondly, house renovation can keep going for a certain amount of time. You will need to adjust many things according to the renovation process. You might forget some important things related to the remodeling.

Therefore, make a house renovation checklist so that you can keep ticking items/tasks off during work. This will keep you worry-free and you will be able to enjoy the making over of your space.


Organization is the key when it comes to taking care of your living spaces on a daily basis. 

Similarly, we need to keep things organized when we are renovating or remodeling our home sweet home.