How to Get Rid of Pink Mold in Bathroom Fixtures


The best plumbers in Dubai can help you get rid of bathroom molds. Restrooms are moist places with so much water in the air. Unsurprisingly, mildew and mold populations like to flourish in these circumstances. Unsanitary conditions are perfect for mold since these offer the ultimate habitat for mold to sustain and hold onto. Each householder in Dubai ought to know that continuing a suitable plan is among the most powerful methods to battle mold.

Mold flourishes in small crowded places in your washroom, such as tile grout, around drains and corners. Recognizing what kind of mold your bathroom has could assist you in understanding the ideal method to tackle the spores from spreading.

What exactly is pink mold?

We all sometimes find rust or pink-colored patches in our restroom. And we run to call an emergency plumber in Dubai. It means that your washroom harbors a kind of pink mold. These patches are awful-looking slimy or fuzzy pellets that may dispense themselves in various colors. Still, a pink shade typically indicates that your bathroom has been harboring that mold for quite some time.

Pink mold is a species of Bacteria

Pink mold is the phrase employed to define species of aquatic bacteria that releases a pinkish to reddish shade. These species are usually settlements of bacteria Serratla marcescens (S.marcescens) or Aureobasidium pullulans (A.pullulans) which adopt the look of mold and grow in wet conditions.


Pink Mold

These bacteria settlements usually originate as greasy or velvety, based on the breed of bacteria, and move from white to orange or light pink, to a pinkish rusty hue. A lot like all other bacterial species, the bacteria that cause pink mold may result in health threats, particularly when in straight union with open inlets, and towards people with deteriorated immune systems. Therefore, you should call one of the professional plumbers in Dubai to get rid of the pink mold.

How to do away with pink mold?

It always takes some time for people to see the colony. And in that time, the bacteria grew to a big concentration. Most people call a plumber in Dubai after this happens. Eliminating these bacteria groups is a high-priority task to keep your washroom clean, and to stop the bacteria from making the members of your home more ill than it already has. To exterminate pink mold from your washroom, handle the problem as you may with any mold population. Or if you can’t handle it, request help from reliable technical services.

Disinfectant solution

Bacteria can’t flourish in sterilized conditions, so a powerful disinfecting solution is an excellent solution to abolishing these bacterial groups. A powerful disinfectant solution can save you from calling an emergency plumber in Dubai.

A lot of disinfectant solutions that impede the growth of bacteria and mold in your restroom are promptly accessible on the market in Dubai for easier cleaning. These disinfectants can be mixed with water to battle moderate pink mold or utilized crude for extreme cases.

Also, disinfectant solutions or antiseptics work as a precautionary solution for mold growth of all types. After you get your bathroom renovated by the best plumber in Dubai, you should keep using these precautionary measures.

Take a commercial washroom sanitizer and dilute it with water. Then spray it around your shower space, shower curtains, toilet, walls, washbasins, shower curtain rings, and floors. Wait as the solution gets dried with air.

Bleach solution

Bleach is a strong fumigant that annihilates all kinds of troublesome mold, bacteria, and mildew. Pink mold can’t withstand bleach, therefore a bleach solution of 1 part refined bleach and 2 parts water will be enough to kill off the pink mold. If you are a plumber in Dubai, you should know this trick.

Just mix both bleach and water in a spray bottle. Spray in places where you see mold. Wipe out the solution in the end.

Ensure not to utilize bleach on colored plasterboard, because the solution will make the grout white. Bleach is just not right for glassless tiles, natural stones like granite and marble, and wooden fixtures. Baking soda solution is ideal for these materials.

Baking soda solution

Baking soda hampers the thickening of mold and demolishes bacterial colonies by rupturing their defensive lipid layer exhausting the defenses. Rather than consulting an emergency plumber in Dubai, you can solve this problem with a baking soda solution.


Make a mixture of water, dishwashing liquid, and baking soda. Sprinkle the solution on impacted places, such as sinks, shower curtain rings, shower curtains, and drains. Leave the mixture on for at least 10 minutes.

Then, begin scrubbing away the mold with a scrub brush and do away with all the colonies. Rinse with warm water and dress up with some commercial biocide to stop the pink mold from increasing in population. It’s so easy, you don’t need to spend money to get the services of a professional plumber in Dubai.


Vinegar comes in handy in homes for various reasons. As a weak acid, one of the uses of vinegar is being an excellent cleaner. Vinegar can be used in pure form. However, you can mix it with water in equal parts and make a solution. If the molds are in large quantities, then take help from reliable technical services.

Sprinkle the vinegar in the concerned places of your washroom. Then, take a brush with soft bristles and scrub on the stains to remove them. The pink stain is a real biofilm in real. It doesn’t look like rust stains that make rings in toilet bowls. They would need hard scrubbing to get removed.

Are pink molds dangerous?

While pink mold may become a reason for bacterial infections, they are sometimes benign to a healthy person. Still, for people that are immunocompromised, sometimes asthmatic, nauseating, or with an open cut, the bacteria may cause more grave dangers. In that case, you can call an emergency plumber in Dubai to get rid of the bacteria at once.

The bacteria that produce pink mold may give rise to bacterial infections and all other kinds of microorganisms. Restrooms that are cluttered with pink mold may transmit the bacteria to open holes and injuries on the body and consume healthy tissue.


Pink mold bacteria is particularly dangerous to pets and kids, whose immune systems aren’t qualified to manage the bacterial infection. Pink mold bacteria may cause UTI (Urinary Tract Infection), bladder infections, respiratory issues, pneumonia, or even septic infection in immunocompromised people. A reliable technical services provider can help you get rid of this bacteria.

How do pink bacteria appear on your washroom surface?

Make yourself prepared to hear a gross fact. Pink mold is caused by water-borne bacteria that is most probably produced by bodily fluids like urine, feces, or pus from infected wounds.

The mold gets the ability to adhere to the surfaces through bodily fluids. Then, they grow in numbers and keep flourishing in their colonies. Then, many people call an emergency plumber in Dubai to fix the situation.

Moreover, this mold is much like mildew and mold spores. It means that they grow rapidly in wet conditions. These mold colonies live off of organic substances, like houseplants, decaying wooden fixtures, and even real mold. You should get new wooden fixtures from an experienced plumber in Dubai. Or take help from reliable technical services to fix this issue.



Various bacterial species begin through multiple surfaces, but all sets about with a handful of bacteria in the suitable circumstances to flourish in colonies.

Serratia Marcescen is a type of pink bacteria that is highly common. It is typically present in dark, moist spaces around showers, tiles, sinks, and drains. Their colonies are created when a bacterium reaches the place and begins to depend on organic substances like wood and cotton fibers, hair follicles, and dead skin cells. Serratia marcescens also consumes phospholipids and oils found in soap scum.

Ways to stop pink bacteria from sprouting again

Your challenge doesn’t end with doing away with the existing bacteria. The best plumbers in Dubai will tell you that they can easily come back. Fabrics are the favorite places of the pink mold bacteria like the shower curtain liner, shower curtains, and carpeting in your bathroom if you have any.

Towels, too, sometimes keep this mold. You might have to call an emergency plumber in Dubai if you find mold in towels. Ensure that you wash your towels regularly.

However, pink bacteria can be stopped by one best method. Use a biocide or a disinfectant spray as it will remove any spores or bacterium. It will not let them find a permanent place in the nooks and crannies of the washroom.

 The best plumbers in Dubai recommend sprinkling these solutions every week to stop bacteria and mold from growing again. Plus, it cleanses any pathogenic bacteria from your washroom.

How to keep the restroom clean?

Do you want someone to truly and thoroughly clean your restroom? Then, find reliable technical services to help you. They will remove all the pink bacteria from the bathroom. They will make your washroom shine again.

A well-known cleaning service company can help you as they would have the best plumbers in Dubai. Good plumbers are adept cleaners and they have the expertise in cleaning all kinds of mold and dirt from your washroom.