Air Conditioner Not Cooling? Here’s What You Should Troubleshoot.


The heat in UAE is completely unbeatable without an efficient air conditioner. Notice how we have bold and italic words efficiently? That is because an AC is of no use if the cooling is not up to the mark. It is not unheard of that AC isn’t cooling and the bills are coming in with hefty amounts. 

This is one of the most common complaints heard by the maintenance company in Dubai in the summers. There are a couple of reasons that an AC stops effectively cooling. it could overheat, overburden or there is a technical issue in the functioning. Some of the AC issues can be easily solved with DIY troubleshooting and some of the simple problems require the technical expertise of AC maintenance Dubai.

In the following article we have covered both problems; the one that can be solved with DIY troubleshooting and the other simple problems that can be quickly resolved with the help of AC maintenance in Dubai


Air Conditioner Not Cooling? Here’s What You Should Troubleshoot.

Reason: Air Conditioner Air Filter Is Dirty

One of the most common that AC is not cooling is the dirty and dusty air filters. Dust and debris can easily settle on the AC filter, especially if you leave it unattended for a long while. Along with air cooling, it can cause other various problems as well such as interfering with the thermostat functionality. Basically, the dirt on the AC filters blocks the passage of air inside the ducts and even causes the evaporator coil to freeze with the disrupted flow. 



Initially, if the unclean filters are not out of their wits, you can clean them with chemical based, AC suitable cleaners, or even simple soap and water (if the condition is not too bad). Turn off the AC from the main switch and take the filter and coil out and start to wash it. It is recommended by Reliable Technical Services to wait at least 30 min after turning off the AC to let the frozen coil melt. 

If the condition of the air filter is truly bad and can’t be salvaged with basic cleaners then you need to consult a maintenance company in Dubai before the heat takes away your sanity to book an appointment. Your filter needs to be replaced if it’s clogged by dirt and debris. 


Reason: Air Conditioner Thermostat Setting Is Incorrect

The AC thermostat setting is probably the first thing you should check if the AC is not cooling. If your AC is blowing cold air then lukewarm air then it’s probably a thermostat problem. It is one of the easiest problems to solve. 


All you have to do is turn the thermostat setting to auto mode instead of on mode. in the auto mood, the fan will only work when the air is being cooled. If your thermostat is completely not functioning then you have to call AC repair Dubai for a quick look. 


Reason: The Outside Unit Of AC Is Dirty

The out unit consists of the evaporator (inside the unit) and the condenser (outside of the unit). The evaporator absorbs and transfers the heat from the air around you to the outside conditioning unit. Whereas the condenser condenses the hot air into the cool air. The problem arises when the condenser is clogged and does not allow proper cooling of the air conditioning system. Debris and dirt are known culprits for blocking the heat transfer resulting in your AC stopping cooling. 



Dubai is relatively a dusty place and it is not surprising that the outer units of the AC are turning into another desert. Since we are again dealing with dirt and debris, you have to clean it thoroughly to provide the condenser ample room to breathe. Remove the dirt and weed surrounding the outer unit of the AC.

AC maintenance Dubai hired for annual or bi-annual checks can help you avoid the problem in the long term. 


Reason: Too Many Electrical Devices Are Near Your Air Conditioner

Television, microwave, and refrigerator are some of the top appliances that are placed/ installed near the AC unit. Often customers explain that the reason they consciously made this placement is to keep the temperature of these appliances neutral and avoid overheating. 

However, it is one mistake that is hindering the AC cooling for the room. It may sound like a small or insignificant thing but the hot air released by these appliances is tampering with the cooling system of the AC.



Simply remove the devices and appliances that release a lot of hot air and influence the cooling efficiency. If you want your other appliances to remain neutral in temperature or not overheat, we would recommend looking into other static solutions rather than depending on the AC meant to cool your room. 


Reason: Your Room Is Not Properly Sealed

If your AC has suddenly stopped cooling or it cools the room properly sometimes and other times it doesn’t then you would want to check the sealing of your room. Often when the windows or the doors are not properly sealed, the warm air keeps entering the room and messing with the temperature of the room. 

The hot air entering from the unsealed spaces doesn’t make the room as hot as the heat of Dubai but it makes the AC cooling appear inefficient. 



Often old doors and windows have a crACk on them or become loose due to usage. to avoid the warm air from getting in you should fix the leaking doors and windows. You can also use foams and other ACcessories that help you seal the doors and windows. Such accessories are temporary and easily removable. They are not heavy on the pocket either. 

Now, there are certain problems that can be solved with an easy DIY, unfortunately. Reliable Technical Services offers you comprehensive solutions for every AC problem and AC repair in Dubai. Below, we have stated some of the problems that would require you to consult a professional. 

The purpose of mentioning these problems is so you can easily identify the problem and rather than causing damage with DIY experiments, you can call a maintenance company in Dubai right away. 


Reason: The Air Conditioner Compressor Is Damaged 

A compressor manages the flow between the evaporator and condenser of the refrigerant. It is a vital component of an air conditioning unit. A damaged compressor or condenser doesn’t cool the air effectively. The compressor is often damaged due to lACk of maintenance and increased burden. It can also become a problem if there is too much electricity tripping in your house. A maintenance company in Dubai can pinpoint the exact damage and the cause of damage as well. 



If the compressor is damaged then there is a need for AC maintenance in Dubai. In extreme cases, the compressor needs to be replACed for the AC to efficiently support the cooling. AC repair Dubai can help you understand the problem more generously. 


Reason: The Air Ducts Are Leaking

The purpose of the air duct is to distribute the cool air throughout your house. Any damage  (including holes) to your ductwork can cause air leaks. Air leaks are one of the major reasons that impede the airflow and hence you feel that your AC isn’t cooling

If you are experiencing hot and cold spots in your home then it indicates that your air ducts are damaged. We have kept this problem in the last, as it is one of the prominent reasons that your AC is not cooling. However, there is no DIY troubleshooting for this. 



If your AC ducts are leaking, you need to call AC repair Dubai services to replace the air ducts. There is no other material or solution that can help you seal the leaking. Hence, before investing a couple of bucks on DIY solutions, call an expert for consultation. 


Reason: Your Air Conditioner Motor Is Faulty 

When the motor of the fan is broken or faulty, the outdoor unit is unable to dissipate heat affecting the cooling ability of an air conditioning unit. If the AC compressor turns on and the fan doesn’t. The issue is with the motor of the condenser fan rather than the compressor itself. If the fan turns off and the compressor doesn’t then the fault is in the overall motor. 



If the motor is faulty you need to call a maintenance company in Dubai asap. It isn’t much you can do with the faulty motor. It’s likely that you have to replace the motor. 


One thing to take away from this article, how important is AC maintenance and AC repair in Dubai. half of the problems mentioned above could be easily avoided with annual or bi-annual AC maintenance. Reliable technical services in Dubai recommend AC maintenance Dubai every season, especially in summers and winters and these are the two extreme seasons that pressure the functionality of the AC. 

Additionally, you don’t have to go through the entire checklist to spot the problem. You can just call AC repair Dubai services and get an overall review, a quick diagnosis, and a solution as well.