How To Fix Creaking Floorboard?

Do your floorboard squeak when someone walks on them? That is why you are here. The good news is that you can fix them even without the help of a carpenters in Dubai.

You should know a handful of important things about your home. The number one is that your house may have been constructed between 1900 and 1950 using suspended ground floors. In the 1950s, even reliable technical services providers built houses with ground-bearing concrete floors.

Suspended ground floors were the cause of the emergence of ground-bearing concrete floors. Those concrete floors in Dubai were made of hardwood flooring placed directly above a block of concrete or stone.

They hardly have squeaky floorboards. In terms of squeakiness, there are two aspects of suspended ground floors. One is the joists and the other is boards. The experts at your local carpentry workshop in Dubai can guide you in more detail about it.

No matter what, battered floorboards say out loud that something is wrong underfoot and are absolutely frustrating. Why are you worrying? Our repair guide will tell you how to fix those annoying whiny floorboards.


Why do floorboards make noise?

The squeaky floorboards of your home in Dubai might be caused by one of the various reasons. These include wear and tear and the problems caused due to the faulty installation.

However, some causes are more common than others and we will discuss them here so that you can get rid of creaky floorboards. Yes, you may not need to run towards a carpentry workshop near me every time an issue arises.

  • If your floor is suspended floor, check if there is a crack between the upper part of the floor joist and the floorboard
  • Check if the nails attaching the floorboards to the joists are loose or incorrect
  • Worn out floor joists
  • Improper or uneven underlay if you have floating floors
  • Unfitting floorboards
  • Wet boards


Fixing squeaky suspended floorboards

It’s not necessary that you consult a company that offers carpentry services Dubai to get your squeaky suspended floorboards fixed.

Before beginning the repair of your squeaky floorboard, first, find the exact place from which the voice is coming. Carpenters in Dubai just walk on the creaky floor and identify the spot. You can do that too. But it’s better if someone else walks around the place while you look for motion and hear at the same time.

After you identify the problematic location, you can scrutinize the cause before fixing it.


The incorrect nails

It may be the case that the nails or screws used  to secure the boards to the joists are weak or too short for the task. If you find out this is the issue, contact a carpentry workshop near me to get the existing nails/screws changed to more suitable ones.


Bad Nailing

Check if your carpenter in Dubai has left too much space between the nails while fitting the floor or left the joists altogether. If that’s the case, you have two choices.

Either get rid of the original fixings and get your floor fitted again or even better, don’t touch them and secure the board with the joist at loose places. You can call a carpentry workshop in Dubai if you need professional help.


Space Between Boards and Joists

There may be space between the underside of the floorboards and the joists. If yes, then take a wood shim (a short chock of the wood) and fill the gap with it using wood glue.

Just remember that the wood shim should be of suitable width. As you may not have experience doing it, you can take help from a reliable technical services provider.


Twisted or Warped Joists

One reason for squeaky floorboards in Dubai can be shrunk, moved, or warped joists. You can check by lifting the floorboards. If this is the case then secure an extra chunk of timber adjacent to the twisted joist in such a way that its height equates to the height of the underside of the floor. Then, that piece of timber will efficiently perform the job of the joist.

Some houses in Dubai may have creaky floors due to more alarming reasons. Those include decay caused by woodworm or water ingress. If you discover such an issue, you should call a carpentry workshop in Dubai to analyze the problem.


How To Fix A Squeaky Floating Floorboard?

Does your home in Dubai have a floating floor-like laminate, kinds of wood flooring, or engineered timber flooring laid on a robust subfloor?

There can be various causes in regards to under-floor squeaks in that case. We will discuss them one by one.


Underlay Problems Of Floorboard

In floating floors, bad quality or wrongly secured underlay usually causes all kinds of issues. Your underlay may have gaps where your carpenter in Dubai hasn’t butted it up to another piece. These gaps are the usual causes of squeaks.


Here is one solution: identify the place directly above the slit (as it will likely bounce a little if someone steps on it). Then make a small slit, inject some polyepoxide to fill the gap and finally employ a wood chock to plug the drill pit. If you don’t get how to do it then, you can take assistance from a reliable technical services provider.

The other solution asks for more disruption but sometimes it becomes a necessity. All you need to do is to pick up the boards, fix the underlying problem, and relay.


The Patchy Subfloor Of Floorboard

Uneven and rough concrete or floor screed beneath a floating floor when it dried can be a culprit too. Patchy subfloors will certainly cause squeaky or bouncy floors. The remedy is the same as above.

However, you may need a self-leveling compound. You can contact a carpentry workshop in Dubai if you can not level the floor yourself. After leveling the floor, the boards can be relaid.


Non-conforming floorboard

Before fixing new flooring, some carpenters in Dubai don’t acclimatize the boards to the gap that new flooring is being laid in.

It means that the boards can contract or expand after being laid. They grind against each other and squeak when someone walks on them. If this is the culprit then you can contact a carpentry workshop near me. Their professionals will check the boards for damage. If required, they will change the boards with new completely conformed boards.


Humidity exposure

Prolonged overflowing and dripping means long-term exposure to moisture for your wood flooring. This moisture can make it twisted, warped, and moved, thereby fitting poorly and creaking.

Firstly, you should get rid of all spills and leaks. Then, analyze the boards and get a company that deals with best carpentry services in Dubai to change extremely damaged boards.


Can we use talcum powder to fix the creaky floorboard?

Yes, talcum powder can help you get rid of screeches that come out of your floors. However, we recommend that you take help from reliable technical services to get a permanent fix. You can also use baby powder or powdered graphite for this purpose.


Talcum powder often works as a temporary solution and the peeps will come back in time.

Having said that, if there seems to be no clear cause of screechy floors. If the creak is just caused by boards grinding against each other, then talcum powder may be a great solution.


Here is how the companies/individuals who offer carpentry services in Dubai do that.

Look for the nails in the floorboards to locate the joists. If you have vinyl flooring or a carpeted floor, you can knock around on the floor using a hammer. Stop when the sound of a dull thud comes as that is the location of the joists.

Then, pepper some talcum powder between the distressed boards and shove it into any compact seams.

But, how will you decide that there isn’t any cause of creaky floors other than the boards rubbing against each other in your home? Well, one easy way is to search for the best carpentry services in Dubai to get it checked for you. You can search on the internet by typing “carpentry workshop near me” to find out the most experienced carpenters in your locality.


Last words

We hope that the information and fixes discussed in this article have helped you. It means that the next time your wooden floor makes noise, you would not need to rush to your nearest carpentry workshop in Dubai.

Whining floorboards are often unbearable. On top of that, if your room with a squeaky floorboard has people entering and coming out most of the time, the irritation increases even more.

You should have the contact details of all the carpentry workshops near me. Because in some situations, the fixes mentioned in this article may not work. And, there may be a serious underlying issue responsible. There are some trustworthy companies in Dubai that provide reliable technical services and offer quick responses when contacted.