9 Most Common Reasons Why Your AC Won’t Turn On


Dubai is undoubtedly one of the hottest places in the world. The desert-based emirates are the pool of scorching heat every summer, with temperatures going all the way 50c. Being the hottest place also means that AC in our homes is exposed to a lot of pressure during summers. The professionals recommend availing of AC maintenance Dubai services annually before the summer or right after the reason to check the air conditioner’s health.

Post-summer is usually the reason when the rates are lower, but unfortunately, winter and spring don’t last long in Dubai. AC cooling, as well as the heating system, are necessities and often continuous use can cause minor problems.

Reliable technical services have jotted down 9 very common reasons as to why your AC won’t turn on. Most of these problems can be easily fixed. If you like a professional oversight, you can opt for the AC maintenance Dubai services to get professional advice.


9 Most Common Reasons Why Your AC Won’t Turn On

Your AC Has Thermostat Issues

The thermostat is a means of communication for the AC. If the thermostat is not working properly, the AC has no way to know how to function as requested. More precisely, if the thermostat is not working, the AC would know when to turn it on and off.

Simply, check the thermostat screen, if the screen is blank then simply turn it on. if the thermostat is still not turning on you need to check whether the batteries are dead.

If after replacing the batteries the thermostat is still not turning on then you need to replace the old thermostat with a new one. You can also call AC maintenance in Dubai to pinpoint the electrical issues in the thermostat.


The Condenser Unit is Unplugged

Sometimes, the reason behind your AC not turning on is as simple as the AC unit not being plugged in. All you have to do is inspect the cord coming out of your air conditioner, especially if you have a window unit.

As you check, there would be a small cord coming from your AC that is connected to the panel on the side of the house. Wires on the outer side are often unplugged or chewed which causes the AC to not turn on as the electric flow to the AC is stopped.

In such instances, all you have to do is re-plug the cord and your AC is good to go.

The Temperature Readings Are Wrong

Based on the temperature of the house, the air conditioners systems have the ability to turn off as the room gets the desired temperature. If your AC  is continuously turning off automatically, there is a possibility that the thermostat is getting a false reading of the house temperature and turning off automatically.

A thermostat often reads the false temperature if it is located on a wall facing outside or the thermostat is located somewhere where the temperature is continuously fluctuating such as in the kitchen and laundry room. The issue can be simply detected by checking the location of your thermostat and it can be fixed as easily by shifting your thermostat to a location where the surrounding temperature remains more natural than fluctuating.

The AC Motor is Failing

The machine with a constant heavy load working in summers can get exhausted easily. In the machine, the capacitor is the part that charges the air conditioner’s motor. The air conditioners that are older up to 15 years, may have a faulty capacitor that fails the motor, and hence your AC would turn on.

The capacitor can be tested easily using a multimeter. Turn off the AC and shut off the power supply as well before testing the AC motor. If the motor is working fine, you can move on to spotting the next possible problem. If your motor is not working, you have to call an AC repair Dubai company.


The AC Drain Line is Clogged

The AC gradually becomes overloaded with moisture and can be clogged with the gunk due to lack of maintenance. With the AC drain line clogged it can cause the machine to dysfunctional and wouldn’t turn on.

You can regularly check the drainage line. To avoid the problem from recurring, keep the condensate drain line clean by pouring a cup of hot/ boiling water down the drainpipe at least once a month to remove any gunk stuck in the vibe. Remember to turn off the air conditioner and supply power first before pouring down the water. When looking for an online casino to play Aviator Crash, it’s important to consider the reputation of the casino, as well as the bonuses and promotions offered. It’s also important to make sure that the casino is licensed and regulated by a reputable authority. This ensures that players have a fair chance of winning and that their personal and financial information is kept safe and secure.

If the AC drain line isn’t clearing out with hot water, you can then call AC maintenance services in Dubai to get it fixed professionally.



AC Air Filters Are Clogged

Changing, cleaning, and replacing the air filter is a part of your annual ac maintenance routine. Unfortunately, this is one of the things that readily slips the mind and is often neglected.

If you have the same air filter installed for too long, it will gather dust and debris over it. The gathered debris cause the airflows to be blocked and the coils to freeze as well. In such instances, the AC would completely stop cooling the house. Additionally, when the air filter has layers of ice thick enough, it will cause the AC unit to not turn at all.

To check the air filter’s condition, turn your AC off as well as the breakers supplying power. then you can change, clean, or replace the ac filters as required. If your AC has completely stopped working it is better to change the filter. After changing the filter, wait for the ice to defrost.

Turning on the AC before the ice has defrosted can seriously damage the unit, so be careful. A small technique is to use a hairdryer set to its lowest setting to speed up the process of defrosting the ice.


The Fuse Box is Blown

The fuse box is located near the condenser unit, outside of the house. Due to over-working and constant fluctuation, there is a possibility that the fuse box is blown. While checking the fuse box, be sure to turn off the AC supply as otherwise, it could cause electrocution.

In order to check the functionality of the fuse box, do a continuity test with a multimeter. If the user is not working, you can easily replace it. The fuse boxes are readily available at any hardware store or even online retailers.

you can take a picture of your blown fuse, to get an accurate model from the market. If you are unsure of the fuse or don’t have the equipment, you should contact AC repair services in Dubai.


Common Reasons for AC Switching Off That Requires An Expert Overview

Above we have mentioned some of the common problems that can be easily fixed by you. However, there are certain common problems for which you will need to call a professional AC repair Dubai company for the fix.


The Refrigerant is Leaking

Refrigerant leaking is one of the easiest problems to figure out even before it messes with your AC functionality to remain on. If your home is not cooling properly and the electricity bill is surging with no apparent direct tracing to it, you are likely to have a refrigerant leak. Additionally, if you are hearing a hissing sound then, again it is probably because of the leak.

Refrigerant leaking isn’t just a common reason but a grave risk if left unattended, the leaking can potentially lead to refrigerant poisoning. For this reason, only certified technicians are allowed to purchase certain kinds of refrigerants.

If your refrigerant is leaking, you are required to call an AC repair Dubai company to fix the problem.



The Circuit Breaker Has Tripped

Circuit breaker switching off has to be one of the most common issues in the Dubai summers. The circuit breaker trips when too many appliances are used or plugged in at the same time. Another season for tripped circuit breakers is the power surges.

As your circuit breaker is tripped, your AC wouldn’t simply turn on but the issue is simple to fix. All you have to do is find the electrical panel and check the AC switch on the circuit breaker.

However, if the circuit continues to trip multiple times then you shouldn’t turn it back on and call AC repair Dubai services for safety concerns. Switching on a tripping circuit breaker due to overloading can cause an electrical fire.


What if None Of the Reasons Are Applicable?

If none of the reasons mentioned above are applicable as to why the AC won’t turn on, then you call an AC repair and maintenance expert for a full inspection. It could be some underlying reasons as to why your AC won’t turn on.

Annual AC maintenance in Dubai is one of the important aspects of the durability and the lifespan of the air conditioner. In the humid and scorching heat of Dubai, the air conditioners are prone to exhaustion. Annual maintenance, and recheck before the summer hits are the perfect time to call the professional and get a thorough check. With the help of a professional maintenance company in Dubai, you don’t have to break a sweat in the summers.