How expensive is too expensive for a plumbing job?

How expensive plumbers are

Do you want to know how much money the best plumbers in Dubai charges for their job? If Yes, then keep reading this article. Sometimes we pay a lot of money for a plumbing job and we think that the plumbing services in Dubai charge a little more. We think that plumbing jobs are expensive. Don’t worry that you would have to spend a lot of money on a plumbing job in the future too.


Remember that all plumbing jobs aren’t equal. Many are unusually pricey and others are not that much expensive. Here we will discuss three things.


  • The average costs of usual plumbing tasks
  • Three usual plumbing repairs one can DIY
  • The most extravagant plumbing job (not do-it-yourself friendly)


Keep in mind that in regards to spending and saving, you can think about various options and compare what other people have done. This is true for plumbing jobs too.


The average costs of normal plumbing jobs


Plumbers ask for somewhere between 165.29 AED to 550.96 AED per hour. Their hourly rates are 275.48 AED before trip charges and materials and the rates on an average.


They are based on the union dues, plumber’s experience, parts, tools, overhead, insurance, and job kind. An apprentice or handyman services cost almost half at 91.83 AED to 165.29 AED per hour.

Costs are based on various other factors too like:

  • Kind and size of the job
  • Challenge of location or installation
  • Kind of plumbing equipment and material employed
  • Time of day (weekends are pricier)
  • Travel distance

Plumbing cost Best plumbers in Dubai think that if they are extremely busy, prices rise a little bit. And if they are slow, prices decrease. They say that they let charges vary, therefore, they keep themselves busy and above it.


According to a site, a plumber’s price can be somewhere between 642.78 AED and 1652 AED for a regular job with the average price hourly somewhere between 165 AED to 734 AED. This may involve jobs such as fixing faucets, sinks, toilets, or bathtubs. Many plumbing professionals charge a flat fee or average service charge of 1101 AED depending on the job.


According to one more website, minor plumbing fixes such as drain cleaning or unclogging a sink costs 275 AED to 918 AED while bigger jobs such as fixing a sump pump or water heater cost 1836 AED to 2938.43 AED.

If you want to hire plumbing services in Dubai, the charges are 275 AED to 459 AED hourly due to the experience and education needed, and to make up for overhead costs. 

A professional plumber in Dubai may have their own business. They are trained to supervise journeyman plumbers and coach apprentice plumbers. 


They are also qualified for revenue sharing, bonuses, and commissions. The cost goes with the experience and fundamentally, the accomplishment of the job. Usually, repairs are less pricey than installations. However, we will discuss all the pricey jobs in some time.

3 common plumbing issues that you could fix yourself

We all, even the rich people, want to save some cash. Therefore, it’s imperative that you get it when you can fix the issue by yourself and when you need the best plumber in Dubai. This can save you money or break your bank. 


Here are some easy plumbing fixes that people can do themselves to save money. These repairs are entirely DIY with fundamental tools and skills.

1- Identify and repair a leak 

You can easily fix leaks like leaks in kitchen faucets, and joints. The ideal time to repair a plumbing leak is before the issue arises, by appropriately linking waste line fittings and water supply.


Handyman services are costly. You can also use some simple methods to identify and prevent common water leaks. Because common water leaks cause rot and some other costly damage. Most of the time, water leaks are found around showers and bathtubs, sinks and toilets, and drains.


With this data, you could repair nearly any leaky single-lever kitchen nozzles in just one hour. You might think that the repair wouldn’t be convenient. But it is so much easier with this information even for a novice.

2- Cease a running toilet


There is an effortless four-step tactic that removes 95% of toilet flush issues. You may want to stop water from continuously running, provide a wimpy flush with a hike and resolve other issues rapidly and conveniently.


Just grab these things:

  • Rubber gloves
  • Normal pliers
  • Cutting pliers
  • Toilet flapper
  • Replacement fill valve

common plumbing problem

Here is the simple method:

  • Examine the fill tube
  • Check the float and adjust the fill height accordingly
  • Adjust the flapper chain/ flush handler
  • Change the flapper

3- Fix a water softener


We could regularly repair water softeners by looking into the brine tank for salt issues or just tidying the resin bed or various other main parts. All these are convenient to do. You might not need to take help from costly plumbing services in Dubai.


Your substances? A bucket and a 4-in-1 screwdriver. That’s it.

  • Investigate salt issues
  • Clear away the resin bed
  • Discard the assembly parts
  • Tidy up the parts then reassemble


Ensure that you search for other articles on convenient and cheap extra DIY plumbing fixes.


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The most exorbitant plumbing job


The most exorbitant plumbing services aren’t DIY friendly. They usually relate to the mounting large apparatuses like remodeling kitchens and bathrooms, tankless water heater fixes, setting up hydronic heating, water testing or treatment, and repiping a building.


Major sewer setting up can cost you around 11019 AED, and shower set-up services costs somewhere between 4407 AED and 20,201 AED. Still, you can find a pricier handyman services job than those mentioned above.

plumber ecorbitant

Can military divers become plumbers?


Yes, they perform the world’s most pricey job when they are diving in the arctic. In 2014, an 11,000-kilometer house call was activated because of fragmented water pumps at CFS alert in the winters. In this way, a cream team of navy divers who belonged to Halifax became plumbers.


CFS Alert, close to the North Pole extracts its drinking water from close Upper Dumbell Lake. They use this water to serve the station’s 75 workers and soldiers after treating it by a water-treatment plant.


The military provision possesses 3 water pumps involving 2 backups and was left exposed if both backups crashed. The pumps offer water for firefighting. The military divers worked in the permanent, frozen dark environment of the Arctic winter for 10 days. The military divers didn’t belong to reliable technical services but they did a plumbing job.


They had to drill arduously through the ice over 1 meter thick. Then, they investigate the damage with the help of a robot submarine. Military spokesman Maj. James Simiana says that the dive squad had 9 members who were salaried temporary duty fees of $ 6900 for February. 12-22 mission, along with their normal salary.


The military had to speed a massive $ 85000 on this plumbing job. The expenditure includes round trips on arranged Hercules flights between Halifax. You might think that this job in Canada’s high Arctic should be written in record books. But that may be an underplaying.