Keep Your House in Tip-Top Shape: A Handy Home Maintenance Checklist


Buying a new house seems like a financial task to many. We don’t realize that being a homeowner also asks for your time and effort. We have to keep changing the oil frequently to ensure that our car’s engine stays fit and healthy. In the same way, homeowners like you have to be regular with home maintenance tasks. So, you stay safe from sudden issues and your money doesn’t get wasted. And for occasional problems, you can call a maintenance company in Dubai.

However, the list of these maintenance tasks is endless. And a new homeowner has every right to feel quite intimidated by its prospect. You would be glad to know that you can perform most of the tasks without any professional help. Yes, you can do it without much experience.

You can watch videos or read blogs online. And contact renowned reliable technical services when you can’t solve a problem.


Create a home maintenance checklist

So, how do you ensure that you stay on track and put in your best while dealing with the home maintenance duties in Dubai city? Well, many people keep a home maintenance calendar for this purpose.

You can make your house maintenance calendars in digital or physical format. Break down your residence’s maintenance into tiny regular chunks. Assign a task to each weekend. Don’t feel too overwhelmed.

Similarly, create monthly, quarterly, and bi-yearly tasks as well. Then jot down what tasks need to be completed in a specific season.

Here is a disclaimer. Everyone has a different opinion on what chores should be finished in which season. Experts at different maintenance companies in Dubai would suggest a little different checklist.

But, you are welcome to modify the below-mentioned checklists. The only thing that matters is that your home stays a happy place for you and your family for many upcoming years.


Monthly maintenance checklist for your residence

Stick to this extensive monthly checklist to keep your sweet home in good shape. It will save money and time.

  • Examine the water softener and refill salt if needed
  • Clean your ducted warm-air distribution system to eliminate dust build-ups. It will help the furnace to keep your home warm, thereby cutting energy bills
  • Examine sink and tub drains for trash and unclog them if needed
  • Clean washroom fixtures like showerheads, faucets, and sinks to get rid of mineral deposits
  • Have your electrical cables checked for wear by reliable technical services 
  • Test your fire extinguisher for easy access; remove anything that is blocking the way like a garbage can
  • Check and clear your ground-fault circuit interrupters and smoke and carbon dioxide detectors 
  • Pour and drain hot water from the water heater to clear away gathered sediment
  • Examine air vents (indoor and outdoor) for any blockages
  • Rinse heat vents and heat registers
  • Put some ice cubes over your garbage disposal and then pour a mixture of hot water and baking soda into it


Seasonal house maintenance 

Some tasks should ideally be performed in certain seasons. We have created checklists for the spring, fall, and summer seasons. Here are some top tasks that should be better handled in a specific season.


In Dubai city, the spring season calls for a fresh yearly spring cleaning and big external fixes. We recommend beginning from inside your house. then, handle the outside tasks.

First of all, wash or vacuum all carpets and rugs. Make sure that you clean all the trash that accumulated throughout the winter.

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Clean up external drainage

Make sure that the rainwater drains off from your home. Stagnant water shouldn’t stay for over a day around the house. Check the gutters. There may be a loose connection or bad spout there. Clean the gutters if needed. 

Grade the place outside your house yourself using a little dirt and take help from experts to have the pavement raised. Clean gathered leaves that may have fallen from trees in fall. Also, wipe out any sediment accumulated there. 

Scrutinize the external area of the house

Inspect for chipped paints, run-down siding from winter, or holes in bricks. Move around your home and closely look for issues. Then, repair where required. Don’t forget to analyze the base for any ruptures. A great caulk/silicone may solve many of your issues. You can also take help from a maintenance company in Dubai for these tasks.

Make your AC ready for summers

This relies on your house in Dubai city. Does your home have a window air unit? Or does your home have a huge swamp cooler upstairs? Both of them are very basic air conditioning systems. You can take help from google to fix any problems in them.

User manuals are also a great resource for individual regular maintenance. The Central AC system is of course highly sophisticated. You can get it serviced by reliable technical services in Dubai city. You will save money and energy.


When the leaves start turning yellow, it’s a sign that the fall season has started. As the weather becomes cool, start rounding off your home for winter. 

Since Dubai city has a warm climate, fall doesn’t necessarily offer a big to-do list. Here is a home maintenance checklist for autumn:

  • Clean gutters and rake leaves in the fall as you do every season
  • Your stove pipes, chimney and exterior caulking also need cleaning and repairing.
  • Consult reliable technical services to get your forced-air heaters checked
  • Inspect fireplace hazards or damage and wipe fireplace flues
  • Install energy-efficient models in place of old, drafty windows. Also, launder windows and siding as well as wipe door and window screens
  • Repaint external siding and trim
  • Check if there are any damaged, missing, or loose leaks and shingles in the roofing
  • Fix up important house appliances before the holidays start. You can consult a maintenance company in Dubai if you find it hard
  • Change batteries in your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. Ensure that each floor of your house including the basement has one smoke detector
  • Wash or vacuum carpets
  •  Vacuum dirt from the dryer duct
  • The fall season is a great time to adjust heating systems to make them ready for cooler months
  • Check your window seals for any potential cracks and your roof for any repair needs. Fix them all
  • Autumn is an ideal season for gardening. Plant shrubs and trees and seed your garden again
  • Winterize your AC. Take out and reserve window units. For central air conditioning systems, wrap the external unit with plastic sheeting or tarpan. Fasten it with bungee cords
  • Insulate exterior valves and pipes in cold garages


Summer offers an ideal opportunity to check your house exterior along with your garden and lawn. You should work on these areas in the summers:

  • Assess plaster in kitchen, washrooms, etc; mend where necessary. Along with making your tiled surfaces appear great, it will also prolong their life
  • Ensure that there are no leaks around the washroom and kitchen shelves and around toilets
  • Check plumbings for slits, and tidy up aerators on taps. Inspect all toilets and faucets for even tiny holes. If water isn’t flowing out from a tap with enough pressure, your aerator may have a problem. It is a super easy fix
  • If necessary, change external and internal taps and showerhead washers 
  • Insects love summers. You would easily find spiders, ants, moths, etc roaming around in hotter months if you live in Dubai city. Ensure that you have ant killer powder. Clear away cobwebs. Keep all doors tightly shut down
  • Apply oil on the garage-door chain and opener, and on all door and garage door pivots
  • Wipeout dust from internal and garden hoses and dryer ducts. Ensure that the exhaust flows out when the dryer is turned on. It should have a pleasant odor of clean clothes. If the exhaust is less, inspect for blockages as much as possible. Take help of reliable technical services if required. Plus, Hoover the dirt from the pipe at the dryer
  • Thoroughly wash, repair, and restrain deck as required. Inspect the patio for any loose posts or boards and mend where necessary
  • If your building has a basement, clear the sediment out of the window wells
  • Secure tile grout

Bottom line

Home improvement includes more than only tidying up and decorating. A homeowner has many responsibilities. A practical house maintenance plan can help you to prevent future issues.

Create a house maintenance checklist to easily manage all the tasks. Contact a renowned maintenance company in Dubai and take their help for issues that you can’t fix yourself. 

If you have never owned a house before, you may get intimidated and frustrated with home maintenance.

If you don’t take care of all home maintenance tasks on time, you may be panicked and splurge loads of cash when an issue arises. 

The first thing you should focus on is your main home appliances. Because they upkeep your house. Our home improvement checklists will aid you in living with joy. Sticking to maintenance calendars will make your home a beautiful place to stay.